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Quality – Volume – Cost

You need to focus on the right sequence. Till you don’t have quality is not worth to deliver to your customer. Till you are not satisfying your customer with quality and the ordered volume no clue to reduce your cost.


Quality inspection, rectification and Quality System

Quality always! No need to run any process without controlled quality results. Sustained audit capability achieved through management systems ensures ongoing compliance.


Lean consulting

Deploy and apply the necessary lean tools to accelerate customer service and production lead times. Through organizational transformation – knowledgetransfer and best practices - we implement changes that lead to measurable results and customer focus.

Training is an important element of any lean transformation. We focus on the training you need so we have developed the training basket that will make your blue-collar and engineering colleagues successful.


Operational support

assembly and logistics activities × inspection and rectification × measurements, MSA control and tool calibration, × firewalls like early production contaiment (eg: GP12) or CSL1-2-3 × process and product audits × operator and blue collar trainings


Interim technical and engineering support

We believe that an involving interim manager or engineer, technical levels will save the company money! Temporary labor is the real answer to skill shortages that are needed periodically or during a particularly difficult period, like NPI, production expansion or relocation.


Custom product and tool development

Flexible handling of urgent production of individual parts based on technical documentation or sample. If necessary, we perform planning and development tasks. High quality work performed by experienced professionals!

× Tool inspection and maintenance focused on service life. × Reverse engineering × Production without technical documentation. × Consignment Warehouse × Maintenance and tool warehouse operation


BANABOX battery container solution

Safety storage including transport system for defective or unreliable lithium-ion, lithium metal (UN3090, UN 3091, UN3480, UN3481) batteries and cells.

× COST-EFFECTIVE OUTDOOR STORAGE × Made for P903, P908, P910 PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONS × DURABLE, WEATHERPROOF and STORAGE READY × Easy to handle, stack and recycle as a system

If you are interested in a project or just need some question answered

please contact with in person, via phone or drop us a message. We are happy to call you back or visit on site and discuss about our common future projects.


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